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  • Small


    (Est. $160/€124)
    • 15 Incoming Calls
    • £5.50
    • (Est. $8.86/€6.87)
    • 30 Minutes
    • 1 CallMe Widgets
    • Included
    • £0.35
    • (Est. $0.56/€0.44)
    • Included
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  • Medium


    (Est. $321/€248)
    • 35 Incoming Calls
    • £4.50
    • (Est. $7.25/€5.62)
    • 60 Minutes
    • 2 CallMe Widgets
    • Included
    • £0.30
    • (Est. $0.48/€0.37)
    • Included
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  • Large


    (Est. $1,449/€1,123)
    • 200 Incoming Calls
    • £3.50
    • (Est. $5.64/€4.37)
    • 90 Minutes
    • 3 CallMe Widgets
    • Included
    • £0.25
    • (Est. $0.40/€0.31)
    • Included
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  • Corporate


    (Est. $2,415/€1,872)
    • 500 Incoming Calls
    • £2.50
    • (Est. $4.03/€3.12)
    • 120 Minutes
    • 5 CallMe Widgets
    • Included
    • £0.20
    • (Est. $0.32/€0.25)
    • Included
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What is Outsourced 24/4 Customer Services?

Outsource your companies customer services and guarantee a professional, personal, response for your customers 24/7. Save yourself time and money while you concentrate on building your business. Phone Support Worldwide provides an experienced team of customer service agents that will Increase your client satisfaction, at a fraction of the cost of having your own in-house staff.

The Benefits of Using Phone Support Worldwide

Customers want to be able to talk to someone in person when they have a problem, and that means having a customer service agent available 24/7 to deal with customers all over the world. Using a reliable, experienced, webhosting customer service company allows you to have all your calls answered by a live professional customer services agent, at any time of the day or night.

Smaller companies simply can not afford to provide a 24 hour service, seven days a week, and larger companies find that outsourcing customer support offers huge cost savings. Phone Support Worldwide provides a convenient, cost-effective solution for companies of any size.

What types of calls can be handled?

Customer satisfaction is our priority so we offer a range of flexible services that provide all the support your webhosting customers need:

  • Pre-sales queries
  • Order confirmation
  • Payments
  • Billing and invoice queries
  • Web Hosting Companies - Level 1 technical support
  • Online Shops - Technical guidance through your website.
  • Support ticket generation

You decide if you want all of your calls answered by our professionally trained agents, or if you want to use the service as a back-up when you are out of the office or unavailable.

How it works

  • Each call is received by a fully trained, professional customer services agent who follows the instructions that you specify. The call is matched to your User ID and Service ID so the agents get your company-specific information on their screen.
  • The call is answered in your company name and is a seamless integration with your systems, giving callers a sense of continuity by speaking to a representative of your company.
  • Access your personal admin panel from anywhere and change your status updates, alerts on customers with unpaid invoices, welcome prompts, IVR DPA checks, service status, support ticket preferences etc. Changes you make to your service are instant.
  • Fully integrated with WHM Complete Solutions and other systems using our API's so it integrates with your billing system.

Stop losing customers when you can't answer their calls and provide a professional 24/7 customer service. Whether you have five calls or five hundred each month, Phone Support Worldwide will ensure you never lose another customer again.

  • Improve customer satisfaction by offering a call answering service 24/7.
  • Benefit from huge cost savings by outsourcing and avoid the cost of training and employing staff.
  • Select a package that fits your budget and requirements. Why pay more for services you don't need?
  • Set up your account and get your calls answered in 60 seconds!

Choose a service package from as little as £29 a month - there is no minimum contract, no set-up fees or deposits required.

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