Become A Phone Support Worldwide Virtual Agent

Phone Support Worldwide consists solely of virtual agents. These virtual agents can work remotely from home or wherever they have set up there own internet / phone line. Virtual agents are not employee's of Phone Support Worldwide, they are fully self employed and have the facility to contract their own employees through their virtual services provider/company. They also have the ability to choose which companies they wish to offer their services to and what hours they wish to work. Best of all they can work from anywhere in the world without the need to commute!

What are the benefits of being a Virtual Agent?

  • You can book as little as half hour time slots whenever you wish to work and this can be minutes before theshift starts if available.
  • You do not incur the normal daily travel costs as you are able to work from home.
  • You have the option to choose the companies that you wish to support.
  • You do not need to purchase expensive landlines as we work solely over VoIP.

What is the Admissions Process?

  • Create your account by selecting one of the four options below.
  • Fill in all the background information and complete an assessment of your current capabilities, including a voice assessment.
  • If successful you will be required to complete a training course to learn how to handle our systems.
  • Once complete you can choose from the many opportunities available to you on our Opportunities pages.

What are the minimum requirements for a PSW Virtual Agent?

You must be 16 years of age or older. There are no location restrictions for PSW VA's, however you must have a clear criminal history and copies of government ID will be required.

Want to join the PSW Virtual Agent team?

Please fill in the following form so that we can create your account, you will then be able to complete the admissions process.

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