About Phone Support Ltd

Notice:- We do not sell any type of products (including phones and electronics), if you are approached by anyone claiming to be selling any products on behalf of Phone Support Ltd that isn't displayed on our website here they are not authorized to use our company name. If you are victim by this fraud you should report this to your local authorities, we are unable to help you with this.

The mission of Phone Support Worldwide is to lead, educate and serve the internet and local small and medium businesses in order to contribute to the growth and stability of the internet's and local economy and provide products to assist merchants to provide adequete support.


Phone Support Worlwide is a new company with vast experiences and very capable. We provide high-quality, real time service monitoring, fraud prevention, and customer support services.


Through its network of business partnerships, merchant providers and customers, internet development and other public groups, Phone Support Worldwide strives to:

  • Provide customer-driven quality and exemplary customer service.
  • Provide accurate, appropriate and timely information for problem solving and decision making.
  • Provide information and education to our customers to assist in providing Support and Security.
  • Provide information and cooperation with national and international authorities for the assistance with reducing and eliminating identity theft and credit card fraud.


We are committed to program leadership, management and services that focus on continuous improvement through shared communication, high quality products and services and exemplify the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

Background Information

Phone Support Worldwide was established to assist online merchants and businesses to provide professional and affordable Phone Support to maintain a large company image, in addition to protect themselves and their business from fraudulent or deceptive consumers as well as protect legitimate consumers from the growing concerns of identity theft.

Phone Support Worldwide is a privately held company, based in Thames Ditton, London UK.

Having been in the web hosting industry for over 5 years Phone Support Worldwide understands the needs of online merchants and the importance or eliminating fraudulent transactions and providing professional customer support. Through strategic partnerships and customer education, Phone Support Worldwide is contributing to the well being of the internet economy while providing a needed service.

Established December 2008, Phone Support Worldwide has quickly advanced as the leader in the development and deployment of state of the art telephony support solutions and fraud systems for online merchants and has been building partnerships with some of the webs leading online billing system software providers.

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