Cancellation and Refund Policy

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Cancellation Policy

Phone Support Ltd requires 10 days advance notice on cancellations (to give us time to make sure your account is properly disconnected at the right time, to wrap-up any remaining billing issues, and most importantly, to ensure you are not billed for the next payment period). If you ever decide to cancel your account, just submit a support ticket as indicated below with your request for cancellation and your service will be discontinued at the end of your next complete billing month.

All cancellations requests must be submitted to our billing department using our support ticket system available here. Please ensure you select the correct option when cancelling your account, failure to select the correct department will not allow you to fill out the correct cancellation form and you may still continue to be charged. No refunds will be offered for any mistakes submitting cancellation. We do not accept cancellation requests via the Phone, Postal Service, Email, or live chat. Cancelling any subscription with a payment processor does not constitute notice of service cancellation and you will still continue to be invoiced until the appropriate cancellation form is filled out within the notice period required.

Refund Policy
All of Phone Support Ltd's services are offered on a month by month basis, with discounts available for paying up to 12 months in advance. We do not offer refunds outside our special 7 day money back guarantee. In addition we do not offer refunds once a phone number has been activated as part of the service due to the costs involved. We also do not refund any Setup Fees, Extra Services, Statistics Tools, Call Recordings, I.P. addresses, bandwidth or disk space overage charges, Extra Unit charges or accounts closed due to a violation of our terms of service or any other Phone Support Ltd policy. If you cancel your service any remaining credit for advance payment will be surrendered, in exceptional circumstances this may be applied in your Account Balance for future orders at our discretion.

Phone Support Ltd does not offer credit for planned service downtime.

We do however offer credit for unplanned service outages greater than one(1) hour. If your service is disrupted for longer than one(1) hour, please submit a trouble ticket with the dates and times of the one(1) hour or greater outage and we will issue service credits accordingly. Our standard rate for credit is 5% of your service fee's per 24 hour day with a maximum credit up to your monthly plan charge. We will not issue credits for more than your monthly plan charge. All credits are applied to future service fees. We do not offer cash credits.

If you have any questions concerning our policies, please contact us.

Phone Support Ltd reserves the right to add, delete, or modify any provision of this Policy at any time without notice.